Welcome to Awakening Soul Journey.  The longest journey of life is the journey to finding yourself!  Awakeningholistic soulful journey life counseling image Soul Journey is a place where healing, coaching, and counseling is given with the thanks and gratitude to our Divine Team. We are but vessels used for these beautiful gifts bestowed upon us to work in the Divines’ name.

We offer a variety of healing modalities; Reiki Healing – A Master/Teacher is available by appointment. Quantum Touch Healing ~ this healing is at a molecular level.  Running energy not only can heal the client but the Practitioner as well!

Awakening Soul Journey is here to help you connect with your life’s calling. We are here to help enlighten one’s mind – expand their knowledge and help heal those in need. We are life coaches, spiritual healers; counselors, and understand all too well what is like to be lost in this world.

Just remember – we are all spiritual beings having a human experience… Let’s do what we are here to do and that is to love and honor one another!

What is Holistic Healing? Holistic healing is an alternative medicinal approach to improving one’s all over health and wellness. We approach the symptoms and work backwards to find the cause of symptoms. It could all be emotionally related – and more times than not that is the answer. We work on the spiritual healing/counseling and honoring oneself in regards to their spiritual journey and life plan/path.

We use tools with our services (if needed) Crystal therapy, herbal therapy, chakra cleansing, Quantum Touch Healing, Life Counseling, Life Coaching and Intuitive Card Readings.

We work closely with the Angels, the Ascended Masters, and the Divine Source. We are but vessels – spiritual beings sharing a human experience. Our services/tools/actions are guided by spirit and not by our ego.

Valarie Sizemore – A Metaphysical Practitioner; Holistic Energy Work Practitioner, a Therapeutic Spiritualist.  Certified Life Coach, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher;  Certified Quantum Touch Healer Level 1 & 2, Certified Indigo Children Counselor, an Ordained Priestess… continuously working on bettering myself as a vessel for the Divine.  To help those who are in need.  Testing for my Bachelors degree in my Ministerial Duties, Doctorate of Philosophy.

My life is one of service – for the highest and greatest good.

..forever a student of the mystical, magical, and metaphysical… I live to heal, teach, coach, and help others in their quest to a more spiritual path & life!…

Ordained Spiritual Priestess

Certified Indigo Studies ~ Indigo Children Counselor

Reiki Master Teacher / Healer

Certified Quantum Touch Healer Level 1 & Level 2

Certified Life Coach

Holistic Life Counselor

Knowledgeable in Emotion Code testing and Removing Trapped Emotions

Born as an intuitive, empath, healer, and counselor.  The dreams we have in our heart – well they are our callings – we just have to strive to make the proper changes and act on our intuition.  I can help you do the same!

I have always had the knowledge that there was something greater than “us” out there… our great spirit that guides us, our spirit guides that help us, our angles, our fairies, there is a whole other world just wanting to help us and to guide us and help us live by our intuition.

I walk between the worlds and I enjoy doing spiritual healing for my clients, I love life coaching, and I love spiritual readings and well… I JUST LOVE IT ALL – but I especially love when my clients reach that moment of complete healing, understanding, or their ah-ha moment in life coaching…. there is NO greater service in the world than helping someone reach their highest, truest potential! I work with the Great Spirit, the Angels, the Fairies, the Gods, Spirit Guides, herbals, crystals, incense, and oils.. So much more.. eclectic in my work and in my education…. forever a student of the metaphysical; mystical and magical…